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Our Non-Life Insurance Products


Suretyship exists when one party (the Surety Company) guarantees on behalf of another party (the Principal) the performance of an obligation in favor of the third party (the Obligee).

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Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

Stronghold offers assurance to business owners through the Comprehensive General Liability (CGL) Insurance Policy that provides coverage against third party property damage and bodily injury.

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Property Floater Insurance

Stronghold provides insurance coverage against special risks, which include direct physical loss or damages from an external cause like fire, theft, overturning and collision and malicious damage to the insured’s property.

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Contractor’s All Risks Insurance

This Policy will assure the builder/contractor that his project is adequately protected, thus relieving him of the worry that his project might suffer a loss.

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Marine Insurance

Stronghold does it share by providing marine insurance services such as Marine Cargo Insurance, which covers losses of cargoes being transported either by air, land, or sea.

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Personal Accident Insurance

Stronghold’s Personal Accident Insurance is available for Individual or groups, Family, Students, and Passengers. It can help you recover the economic loss in case of insured’s accidental death.

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Fire Insurance

Stronghold offers protection against loss or damage due to fire and/or lightning with a Fire Insurance Policy. It covers your homes and business establishments.

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Motor Car Insurance

Stronghold offers you a Motor Car Insurance Policy, which is appropriate cover to protect your vehicle from physical damage, theft or the high cost of repairs through Private Car, Commercial Vehicle, Motor Trade or Motorcycle Policies.

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