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Suretyship exists when one party (the Surety Company) guarantees on behalf of another party (the Principal) the performance of an obligation in favor of the third party (the Obligee). The Surety Company undertakes to indemnify the oblige for whatever loss he might suffer if the Principal fails to comply with his obligations.Stronghold services the surety or bonding needs whether from the private individuals or the government sector; Single Proprietors, Corporations, Cooperatives, and Non-Government Organizations, name any kind or type of bond and we have it.Stronghold humbly leads the way by showing good management example. The presence of a responsible officer/s who can decide the acceptability of any desired bond is assured at all times. Thus, your insurance can be issued with efficient promptness.You can count on Stronghold for these services for which it has been known and have passed the test of time.
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