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Comprehensive General Liability Insurance

There are insurance coverage that are required by the government such as the insurance coverage required by the City Government or Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) before issuing a business permit or license. This is a requirement to protect various establishments against financial and legal liabilities that may be caused by damage to another party’s property (property damage liability) or injury to another person (bodily injury liability) that may arise from its business operation.Stronghold offers assurance to business owners through the Comprehensive General Liability (CGL) Insurance Policy that provides coverage against third party property damage and bodily injury. It also covers loss of use as a result of any of the hazards insured against. Stronghold’s CGL Policy offers coverage for Premises-Operations Hazard, Elevator Hazard, Independent Contractor’s Hazard, Product Hazards, and Contractual Hazard.
Comprehensive General Liability Insurance 1