Company Profile
profile1 Who we are
STRONGHOLD INSURANCE COMPANY, INC. (SICI) is a wholly owned Filipino non-life insurance company with a license to market all types of non-life insurance lines, such as fire, motor, marine, casualty and suretyship.

The Company's foundation was solidified through years of sheer relentless determination since its incorporation on March 1,1960 carrying all lines of insurance with special lead on suretyship, fire, marine, motor and personal accident. Twenty years later, its foothold became even stronger as if it has a fresh start. The Company has shown considerable proof of its steady growth and became one of the top domestic non-life insurance companies in the country.
The exuberance and unbelievable stride of the Company can be traced to the twenty-five years able stewardship of Mr. David C. Mercado. Stronghold was able to make and succeeded in building considerable market share in motor, fire, marine and casualty insurance, and bonds. Proof why the company currently managed to have a balanced portfolio with property line as major contributor to the Company's total gross premium written.

Its chain of broad based and established service offices nationwide has strengthened the hold of the Company. Currently, it has a total of 24 branch offices nationwide, which offer full service of insurance facilities from policy issuance up to claims servicing. The Company is accredited with almost all leading banks and financial institutions not to mention its recognized partnerships among government offices nationwide. Stronghold has even intensified its network through highly successful collaboration with highly respected and well-known dealership companies in Metro Manila and provinces.
Stronghold on its own had put up 75 Million Paid-Up Capitalization. Its automatic reinsurance facilities are supported by domestic and foreign partners, all highly rated by Standards & Poor's mostly coming from reinsurance hub in Asia and Europe.

Stronghold is committed to rendering excellent services and will continue to extend dependable risk coverages through prudent and sound business practice coupled with technical expertise as it aims to be "A Complete Non-Life Insurance" Company.
Our Dreams mission
We, at Stronghold Insurance Co., Inc., focus on becoming a leader in the Philippine Insurance Industry. We aspire to provide dependable risks coverage and unlimited capacities to our client through excellent and efficient personal service through highly trained and technically competent professional underwriters.

In partnership with other entities, specifically in the line of non-life insurance business, we set our sights on pioneering in new trends and specialty lines in the insurance industry, tapping new markets, thus establishing our foothold as a leading insurers in the Philippines and in the global markets as a whole.
Our Commitment
WE, at Stronghold Insurance Co., Inc., are committed to providing our clients with excellent service, characterized by technical expertise, personal efficient processes and technological aided processes to bring about speedy and quality service guided by the highest ideals of professionalism and integrity.

WE, aspire to provide non-life insurance service to corporate clients and individual including the ordinary Filipino family to have a basic insurance protection.

WE intend to cover the Philippine market with non-life insurance lines including Fire, Motor, Marine Casualty, and Suretyship.

WE highly consider the dignity of every individual in all our activities as a business firm and value centered institution and will uphold a sense of justice in our employer-labor relations.

WE are fully aware of our vital role as a corporate citizen in the line of insurance industry and are committed to help in the task of nation building through active participation in the socio-economic endeavors.

WE are committed to attaining leadership in the domestic and foreign markets in terms of sustained growth, stability, profitability, and return on equity, professional management and responsible stewardship.