Our Company History

Stronghold Insurance Company, Inc. (SICI), a wholly owned Filipino non-life insurance company, had its humble beginnings when it was incorporated on March 21, 1960. SICI has been licensed to offer to the general public all types of non-life insurance lines such as fire, motor, marine, casualty and suretyship.

Through the able stewardship and untiring tutelage of our beloved Chairman, Mr. David C. Mercado, the Company was able to create a name in the insurance industry as a dependable provider of various non-life insurance coverages. As proof of its foothold, SICI has succeeded in building a considerable market share in the various lines of non-life insurance.

Our vast network of extension offices strategically located in key cities of the Philippines is in line with our commitment of making our products and services easily available to the various stakeholders. We are accredited with almost all of the leading banks and various financial institutions nationwide. Our Company is also recognized by government agencies and instrumentalities as a provider of selected non-life insurance coverage for their various undertakings with private entities. SICI has also forged partnership with highly respected and well known auto dealership companies in Metro Manila and provinces.

SICI, therefore takes pride of its accomplishment to where it is now of being a financially stable entity. Proof of this achievement is the steady growth of its networth which is acknowledged as among the highest in the insurance industry. The Company’s automatic reinsurance facilities are backed up by well-respected domestic and foreign reinsurers who are all highly rated by Standard and Poors giving assurance to the insuring public of meeting its obligations when it comes to settlement of claims.

SICI shall remain steadfast in its obligation of providing dependable risk coverages through prudent and sound business practice coupled with technical expertise that is anchored on its underlying principle of being “A Complete Non-Life Insurance Company”.

  Our Dreams

We, at Stronghold Insurance Company, Inc., focus on becoming a leader in the Philippine insurance industry. We aspire to provide dependable risks coverage and unlimited capacities to our client through excellent and efficient personal service through highly trained and technically competent professional underwriters.

In partnership with other entities, specifically in the line of non-life insurance business, we set our sights on pioneering in new trends and specialty lines in the insurance industry, tapping new markets, thus establishing our foothold as a leading insurer in the Philippines and in the global markets as a whole.

  Our Commitment

We, at Stronghold Insurance Company, Inc. are committed to providing our clients with excellent service, characterized by technical expertise, personal efficient and technologically aided processes to bring about speedy and quality service guided by the highest ideals of professionalism and integrity.

We aspire to provide non-life insurance service to corporate clients and individual including the ordinary Filipino family to have a basic insurance protection.

We intend to cover the Philippine market with non-life insurance lines including Fire, Motor, Marine, Casualty and Suretyship.

We highly consider the dignity of every individual in all our activities as a business firm and value-centered institution and will uphold a sense of justice in our employer-labor relations.

We are fully aware of our vital role as a corporate citizen in the line of insurance industry and are committed to help in the task of nation building through active participation in the socio-economic endeavors.

We are committed to attaining leadership in the domestic and foreign markets in terms of sustained growth, stability, profitability, and return on equity, professional management and responsible stewardship.

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